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Methods to obtain you Amateur Radio License

How to get your ham license there are three camps of thought when it comes to getting your Amateur Radio license. It is easier now to get your license and mores code is no longer required but still practiced and encouraged if you want to try it.

One way is to download the complete question pool and study the questions and answers which are the same questions and answers you will find on the test, by taking the test in this manner you can obtain an overview of the aspects involved with amateur radio however you will not receive good working knowledge of how all the pieces fit together.

Another way is to purchase a Ham Radio License Manual and study the book, it will give you a better understanding of amateur radio and it’s applications, terminology and good reference material. All the information you need to pass your exam. The book also comes complete with question pool with answers. If you get your license this way you will have a better understanding of the test questions and what amateur radio is about.

The third way is to contact your local amateur radio club and find out if there is a class available where an instructor can present the information you need and you can ask questions about the subjects your not sure of. You may be going over the complete question pool and the instructor will explain the questions, or the instructor may guide you through the Ham Radio License Manual with the complete question pool.

All this being said any amateur radio operator would tell you that when you get your license and your first radio is when you truly learn the In's and Out’s and procedures of amateur radio. Most people will tell you, there is no substitute for hands on learning so join your local amateur radio club and get your license, this is the best way to learn and ask questions from members who have been doing this for many years.

Amateur License Testing

Amateur License Testing is held at the end of club meetings which are on the first Thursday of every month from 7:00pm-8:00pm

Club meetings are held each month in the (Community Room) at the (Shoppes at Riverside) which use to be called (South Shore Mall). Park just north of the theater parking spots. Enter through the main doors by the theater continue to the central corridor turn left take about 20 paces and the (Community Room) is on your left.

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When You are ready to take your test contact us by selecting the following: Technician, General, Extra to schedule testing for your selection. | Technician | | General | | Extra |

Auxiliary events and training are scheduled as appropriate in convenient locations throughout the community.

We invite you to join us at any and all upcoming Events and Club meeting.

Educational Video's

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