Grays Harbor Amateur Radio Club / W7ZA

GHARC Nets and Repeaters

Net's are held on every Tuesday Night at 19:00 / 7:00PM (local time)

147.160 MHz tone 88.5 Hz On the Aberdeen repeater on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays

146.900 MHz tone 88.5 Hz Neilton Peak repeater on the 2nd and 4th and 5th Tuesdays

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IRLP station located in Aberdeen

Open to any licensed Amateur. It is on 147.470 simplex with a PL of 100.0.
One of the more active node is on 9100.

One can also get into:
London with 5600,
Australia with 9500,
Germany with 5378.
Please be sure to press 73 when you are finished.

( Author, Doyle Wenzel N7UJK )

Amateur Emergency Communication Nets (AEC)

AEC (Beachnet) frequencies: Any licensed amateur is welcome to use the various frequencies unless there is a real emergency. Then AEC removes it's frequencies from Beachnet and operates on it's own. Under those conditions only AEC members and various entities may use the frequencies. General population Hams can send in their damage reports via the clubs repeaters to their incident net control who will pass them on to our emergency management office in Montesano.
( Author, Doyle Wenzel N7UJK )

Additional information about the AEC program may be found at:

| /wa7pc /#page=page-2 |

The Grays Harbor County AEC Net meets each Sunday at 19:00 hours local. The first Sunday of each month on 146.580 simplex. The remaining Sundays the net is found on any of the five linked AEC repeaters listed below.

Frequency Tone Location Link
444.950+ 118.8 Capital Peak (Linked to KO Peak)
444.050+ 118.8 Elma - Minot Peak (Linked to KO Peak)
145.390- 118.8 Cosmopolis (Linked to KO Peak)
444.700+ 118.8 Neilton (Linked to KO Peak)
444.200+ 118.8 Ocean Shores (Linked to KO Peak)